Affiliated with the UTRGV School of Medicine and the University of Texas System.


The UT Health RGV clinics provide a practice outlet for board-certified physician faculty members of the UTRGV School of Medicine.  And the UTRGV School of Medicine is a part of the University of Texas System.

Why is the affiliation with a school of medicine and the UT System important? Having a school of medicine affiliated physician means you have access to experienced physicians who are training the next generation of healthcare providers, many of which are involved in research. And affiliation with the UT System expands opportunities for your care and gives our physicians access to research and other useful information from other UT System facilities that can enhance patient treatment plans.

Bottom line, we're in this business of healthcare because we care about people, which includes you. Our physicians are interested in what matters to your health. Because what matters to your health, matters to us.